Back in April (2017), we as a church sent of a team of 7 to Tunisia. The main aim was to help a member of the church settle as a long-term missionary there. But that wasn’t all we wanted to do. We wanted to scout out the land, pray over the nation and demonstrate God’s love however we could. We spent a lot of time together in prayer and really allowing God to grow us.

Gemma’s Story- The Tunisia trip was amazing! I found that whilst there were a lot of differences between our culture and theirs, there was also a lot of common ground. Tunisia isn’t a nation brimming with Christians, in fact its quite the opposite. In the UK there are churches everywhere and even if many people are rejecting God they don’t have to go far to find people who can openly talk to them about Him. Yet in Tunisia there wasn’t one church for us to visit. The old church buildings had been converted to museums and libraries  or just abandoned. The Tunisian people don’t really have a chance to hear about God- many will go their whole lives without anyone sharing the gospel with them. That, for me, was shocking. I just had never realised how amazing it is that here in England we have this freedom and opportunity. Six months on and I am still learning and growing in faith and am more than ever grateful that I have the chance to do so.

God is alive. Although in many countries there are people who remain unreached and unexposed, God is still thriving. We know that God is ready to use missionaries in Tunisia to break through darkness and bring about glorious light. We are so glad that we got a glimpse of that and we are continuing to pray for Tunisia as a nation and for those we support who are working out there. Join with us in this prayer. This website ( ) is a great one to look at if you want to hear more about prayer for Tunisia. If you want to hear more about this mission trip, and future mission plans then come along to church one Sunday and speak to Marie.

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