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The latest news and announcements from Rushden Full Gospel Church.

Loving Congregation

Everyone in the church has a role in creating a loving environment in church, making it a safe place in which respect is given to everyone and a place where people can creatively work out their faith. As a family we drew on the help of Dr Keith White who wrote a...

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Christian and unashamed

Baptism is one of the truly life changing steps to take in the life of a christian, where the individuals have the chance to publically declare their faith and to share what God has done in their life. It's always a real privilege and joy to share the occasion with...

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A Season for Prayer

In this very busy world we all live in it easy to get caught up in frantic amounts of activity. Church can be one of the busiest places and even we find it difficult to hear what God is saying before rushing into the next project. At the tail end of last year we've...

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