If you want to know what is going on at this church then keep reading. Below we have updates, news and general information.

Firstly, welcome! You are always welcome. We run two services on a Sunday, as well as running multiple activities throughout the week.


Coming very soon we have another baptism service. We believe that baptism is an important statement of faith. For those within the church, If you are wanting to get baptised then speak to Marie or Mark. Baptism services are always fun so come along!

House groups

As a church, we run many house groups, we believe fellowship is important. We love community and want everyone to get plugged into it. We are beginning to adapt the way these work, breaking them into groups of roughly 5 and working on more personal discipleship. Within this we are training up people to lead their own groups. Please don’t be afraid to get involved. We would love to see you at a small group session. If you need any more information then don’t hesitate to ask at church or contact us.

Youth work

We are  still running the Kings Army youth group as a youth house group. Each week we split into boys and girls for separate bible study and we also have time for group cooking: be that pizza, brownies, tacos or pancakes. We are also currently running a kids club on a Friday evening – get in touch for more details. Sunday school also runs 3 Sundays of the month.

Recent visitors 

A few weeks ago some dear friends working in Turkey, came to visit and help us connect with Rushden’s Turkish community. It was a blessing to have them and some great friendships have been made through their outreach.


Following on the back of our church heart for the nations and mission, we frequently hear from mission partners and send off teams and individuals to experience mission. We are currently in the last 10 months before one of the members of the church: Sophie, flies out to do some missionary training with YWAM in New Zealand. She will then be heading all over the place connecting with missionaries, seeking what God has prepared for her life. To help support her we are doing a cake sale every 3rd Sunday of the month. If you want to get involved then don’t hesitate! Bake a cake or buy a cake, it all helps. And don’t forget to pray not only for her but for all the missionaries we support.

Prayer Requests 

Prayer is always good because God is always good and we, as his children love to spend time talking to him. Prayer is currently needed for our missionaries, for our church leadership to follow Gods plans above all else, for our youth to be impacted in new ways, for reaching out into our local community and for the health of those in our community.



I hope that this brief update will be helpful! For any more information on anything then get in touch. May God bless you. Thank you for reading.

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