About Us

A Pentecostal Church in Fellowship with Assemblies of God, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections and a registered charity.We are a core member of the East Northants Faith Group, a networking body representing churches in our region.

Bible Based

We believe that the Bible is an inspired book and our God given guide to life and ministry

Christ Honouring

We seek to lift up and honour the name of Christ the only saviour and the name through which we are saved

Spirit Filled

We acknowledge the power of God to work in and through our life by operation of the gifts, the recognition of ministries and the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

God Glorifying

We worship the Father, and involve ourselves in His glorious mission to make His name and His glory known in all the world.

Our Story

As a church we represent a mixture of ordinary people of all ages from all backgrounds, races and cultures who have found a common faith in Jesus Christ. We encourage you to journey with us and come along to find out more. We truly are a family Church with a heart for the nations.

We are developing a small community group focus to ministry within the heart of the church. Small groups based in local homes are a core part of the church.

Get Involved

We are an open fellowship who are welcoming of people of all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular church goer or have never been before. Why not find out more about making a difference in your local community?

We aim to be a Church involved in the mission of God and prepare for His imminent return

Marie Lees

Senior Minister